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Painting With contemporary, modern, symbolic or monochrome motifs, I try to show the viewer the different to bring closer art topics. Figures and colors not only determine my art, but also the personal engagement with the work of art is decisive for me. Such a process requires intensity which can go to the limit of being and beyond. 
Photography Consists of various components such as documentary and art photography in black and white or color. At I prefer the documentary photography to my work because the history of photography remains unadulterated. However, the scope in the picture remains limited. In the case of art photography, the space can be redefined again. Not only through colored or black and white prints, but the subject and the photographic narrative are freely selectable.
Grafic In this case, images can be supplemented with typographic elements. This is how you determine your graphic say. When I dedicate myself to that area, I prefer to deal with unconventional work methods. That means there is a lot of experimentation, whether with images, colors, structures, patterns or simply your own creations in design. This opens up a lot of graphic possibilities for me. In addition, the texts of the magazine also written in German.
Typography Open the door to a world of exceptional design. Contrary to painting or graphics, here the types have priority as their sources. It does not matter, if the font and its positions are Macro or Elementar, they center their accents. No images have been added to the posters in order to give more space to the typography. In addition to the typo- graphic design, architectural and musical components are reflected. All the books and posters only they were zip- ped in German.
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