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Here is symbolism the main source in the surrealist painting used. That means in these lot works ancient symbols are lo- cated the paleolithic - stone time -, the Middle Ages and other epochs. This sit down with the study of ancient femi- ninity symbols and symbolic aspects of life or special diffe- rent stages of life of the curr- ently apart. Those works are pretty colored on paper and be painted with different mate- rials. The image sizes are led- ger up to 50 x 70 or 70 x 50 cm.
The central role of these works is not a decisive issue, but they are their motives. Huge, abstract figures, abstract in medium or small spaces have me always inspired, when the movement serves as contrast in limited spaces. So it lasts for years this art series was created and is continued. The images were acrylic or with mixed technique painted in paper. Their formats vary bet- ween the ledger, 60 x 90 and 90 x 60 cm.
You can see their starting posi- tion clearly in black and white. Abstract, and surrealistic clas- sic elements flow there into each other. With this technique sets perspective as well optical illusion in scene, what inflated or what is sucked in. Also their undifferent rooms in space be- long to it. Both works on paper, I use either different spring or ballpoint pen. The work sizes move mostly in a ledger format or 30 x 50 cm and 58 x 78 cm.